“Sweaty Spaghettiii” Aides Haitian Children Reply

By Kayli Hertel – Managing Editor

While other college students spend the summer relaxing at the beach or working, a set of Lasell students took the time off as a chance to serve others abroad. The group included Francesca Ceppetelli and Colbylyn Gilman, two rising seniors at Lasell, and two recent alumnae, Danielle Cutillo and Kerin Crowley. Each of the girls expressed an interest in a service trip in Haiti, which was when Cutillo informed them about Be Like Brit, one of her favorite organizations. More…

A movie about emotions will bring out emotions Reply

By Krista DeJulioCo-Editor-in-Chief

Disney-Pixar movies are known to bring out emotions in adults and children alike. The franchise’s newest film, “Inside Out,” released Thursday night, is about just that: emotions. This film is unlike anything we have seen before. The film follows five emotions inside the head of 11-year old Riley who is normally happy. When her parents move her from Minnesota to San Francisco sadness engulfs her, eventually destroying her personality and memories. More…

Annual dance showcase passes on the torch Reply

By Tina NalepaArts Editor

The Lasell College Pulse Dance Team hosted their annual dance showcase on April 26 in de Witt. The showcase included performances from the Lasell College Dance Team (LCDT), the Lasell College Cheer Team, the Divine Step Team, Step-By-Step Dance Studio, The Spartones, The Becker College Dance Program, Moise “CRAVE” Michel, a vocal performance by Danielle Cutillo and many more.


Students shine at Awards Banquet 1

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Photos by Krista DeJulio and courtesy of Danielle Cutillo

Krista DeJulio and Ryan Fitzgerald – Features Editor and Opinion Editor

The 2015 Awards Banquet was held on Friday, April 17 in de Witt Hall. Awards are given out each year to students, faculty, and staff members for recognition of their accomplishments during the year. In addition, campus clubs were represented and the Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board members were named at the annual ceremony, which had more than 100 students and faculty in attendance. More…

Laser presence is strong at Marathon 2

Ryan Macleod – 1851 Staff

For four members of the Lasell community, Marathon Monday meant much more than a day of celebration and off from school this year. Professor Neil Hatem, Area Coordinator Trish Moran, and alumni Andrew Dimaco and Pat Slight were four representatives from campus that spent the entire day running the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston’s Boylston Street. More…