New program builds bonds Reply

By Leanne Signoriello – Opinion Editor

International Student Services has taken on a new interactive way to help incoming international students adapt to their new college setting this semester by launching the International Buddy Program.  More…

Sports radio hosts shine Reply

By Ryan Fitzgerald & Colin Froment – Co-Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Staff


This semester, Lasell College Radio offers wide coverage of sports shows, including live, play-by-play coverage of Lasell sports games, and five sports talk radio shows that cover all topics in the sports world. The club offers students the opportunity to host their own show, and those like junior Nick Stasiak love the opportunity.


Ultimate Frisbee club to begin in fall Reply

By Ryan Fitzgerald – Co-Editor-in-Chief


As the air warms and the snow is finally gone (knock on wood), students can enjoy the outdoors when they’re not locked away in the library working on final papers and projects. Next fall, students can add ultimate Frisbee to their list of outdoor activities as freshman Carter Migre and Area Coordinator Von Purnell plan on leading an ultimate Frisbee club for all to participate in.  More…

Baseball standouts make noise Reply

By Armando Machado, Jr. – 1851 Staff 


The baseball team is well into their season and features a few standout players. Freshman Brett Sherron and junior Hector Coscione have both received GNAC Player of the Week honors in the past few weeks. Sherron earned the award during the Laser’s spring break in Florida, where the team grew closer together but won only four of ten games during the trip.  More…

Divison III sports week brings victory Reply

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.14.29 PM.png

The men’s lacrosse team participated in the White Ribbon Campaign this year with the help of Professor Karin Raye. Photo courtesy of Bridget Delany.

Monday, April 4 to Sunday, April 10 was the first ever Divison III week held at Lasell. Hosted by the Lasell’s Student Athlete Advisory Committee, a student-athlete club, each day consisted of a fun activity to honor the college’s status as a DIII school. The week also celebrates the impact sports and student-athletes have on the campus and surrounding community. This national holiday is popular at many DIII schools during the week.


Not your typical live show Reply

By Sean McGlone – News Editor


“YUP! YUP! YUP!” chanted the crowd in the Bethany town hall in Bethany, CT on Saturday night with the headliner “The One Man Thrillride” Jimmy Preston. Northeast Wrestling (NEW)’s “Thrillride: Return of the Savage” was drawing to a close, but the energy inside the building was stronger than ever.   More…