NFL Draft takeaways: Patriots come out winners, Texans may have found their quarterback Reply

By Kyle SchroederContributing Writer

There had been reports throughout the past several weeks that the New Orleans Saints had strong interest in Malcolm Butler. When Butler signed his franchise tender on April 18, this opened up the possibility for Butler to be traded to New Orleans. With no other teams involved in discussions, it appeared to be the Saints or no trade at all. When the Saints drafted former Ohio State corner Marshon Lattimore with the 11th overall pick, and the first round ended without a trade, it all but confirmed that Malcolm Butler would remain in a Patriots uniform. Out of all the scenarios that could have played out on the first night of the NFL Draft as it relates to the Patriots, this was the best of them all.


Pino and Yandow take the GNAC by storm Reply

By Colin Froment and Aimee Forman – 1851 Staff 

Junior Taylor Yandow and sophomore Vanessa Pino earned the Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC) Player of the Week this past month for their outstanding athletic performances.  Both players have won the award twice this season — Yandow was named GNAC Player of the Week two weeks in a row.  More…

“This Is Us” is a tearjerker Reply

By Samantha Plumley – 1851 Staff

The phrase “families come in all shapes and sizes” is an understatement. Various television shows have attempted to accurately represent the modern family by depicting how families are no longer restrained to bloodlines and marriages. Through the first season’s 18 episodes of NBC’s “This Is Us,” family is redefined.  More…

“Ghost In The Shell”: The book is better Reply

By Pavel Zlatin 1851 Staff 

What is the most annoying phrase occurring in most movie discussions? “The book is better.” This approach has always seemed shallow to me. In most cases, it is just impossible to compare a movie to a book. Those are completely different mediums, and it’s important to remember that a movie is not supposed to be a visual copy of a book, but more of a director’s remake.