New Rowling book builds anticipation Reply

The image that appears on J.K. Rowling’s website leaves fans intrigued.
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By Casey O’Brien — News Editor

J.K. Rowling fans rejoice—the Harry Potter author is at it again. Rowling announced she has written a new book for a different market than the wildly successful series about the boy wizard, which skyrocketed her to stardom in 1997 after debuting in the United Kingdom.

Rowling and her team have been tight-lipped about the novel. Her web- site,, displays a book with a cover bearing the words “The New Book by J.K. Rowling,” as well as a handwritten note from the author saying, “Although I’ve enjoyed writing it just as much, my next novel will be very differ- ent from the Harry Potter series.”

Though Rowling has not given hints, there is heavy speculation among the media and her fans. It was reported that Rowling has David Shelley, an acclaimed crime and thriller novel edi- tor, editing her work, which suggests it will be a crime novel, according to The Guardian. Fans have gone further to suggest it is set in Scotland, where she spent time writing the Harry Potter series.

Self-proclaimed “die-hard Harry Potter fan” Betsy Diacatos, a sophomore, is excited to read the new novel. “The success of the Harry Potter franchise definitely gives her the ability to branch off in a new direction because she has already established herself as an able writer with a ginormous fan base,” said Diacatos. “Although it is bittersweet that she won’t be writing anymore about the world of Harry Potter, I feel that this new book will be a success.”

It is clear, however, that the book will be for adults, a departure from the targeted child audience of Potter. It is fitting, as most fans have followed her work as they have grown up, and, as adults, will follow Rowling in her new ventures.

“It will appeal to the now grown-up fans of Harry Potter, the kids who have been reading her books since the age of nine, who are anticipating more of her epic storytelling,” said Diacatos.

Rowling’s fans are eager to see what her new book will unveil. “I’m excited about it because I like her writing, and I think it will be really good,” said sopho- more Laura Justice. “But I think when you love a series as a kid, you always worry that whatever comes after won’t be as good. But I have faith in J.K.”

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