Singing Bee entertains Campus Center crowd Reply

By Cait Fitzgerald — 1851 Staff

Danielle Medaglia and Max Berkowitz, freshmen members of the Campus Activi- ties Board, presented the Singing Bee in the Campus Center. The event attracted a small audience and seven different participants who each played the game.

The object of the game was for the contestants to fill in various parts of a song based on the round. At the end of each round, contestants with the lowest num- ber of points were eliminated until the last, most challenging round. Songs came from every genre and included famil- iar ones, such as “Red Solo Cup,” “Achy, Breaky Heart,” and “Highway to Hell.”

The first round’s objective was to sing the chorus of a song, starting with the classic “Sweet Home Alabama.” If the contestant sang the entire chorus cor- rectly, he or she received a point. Contes- tants played with flair, and even though they stumbled over some of the words, they played it off as best as they could.

For the second round, contestants had to fill in missing words in lines from different songs. At the end of this round, the re- maining contestants made it into the final three. The third round of this game was to unscramble a verse that was put up on the screen. The last three contestants nailed this round, but still the number dropped down to two as one contestant eliminated himself by leaving the Campus Center.

In the final round, finalists sophomore Betsy Diacatos and freshman Matt Dugan battled it out in a great display of showmanship and fun on stage. Dugan was in the lead,and he put on a show by dancing around the stage and having fun with the music, while Diacatos playfully teased him from the crowd.

Once on stage, Diacatos had as much fun as Dugan and brought herself up from second place, winning the entire Singing Bee, along with 10 Dining Dollars.

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