Studio Artists Guild brings artists together Reply

Members of the Studio Artists Guild during one of their Thursday common hours meetings. The club is in its first year at Lasell.
Photo by Natalie Kfoury

By Natalie Kfoury — A&E Editor

During common hours every Thursday, a group of students sit in a class- room in Yamawaki to share their common bond: love of art. They spend their time drawing, critiquing, and listening to each other’s ideas, tips, and skills. This is the Studio Artists Guild, a new organization comprised of 15 student-artists.

Seth Millman, a freshman, started the Studio Artists Guild and is now the club president. Upon entering his freshman year at college, Millman knew he wanted to create a club for artists.

“I enjoyed the Studio Arts Club at my high school more than the other groups that I was involved with. I knew that I wanted to start something like it at Lasell,” said Millman. “There were a few minor bumps along the way with creating the club, but Lasell made it easy for me.”

Students have discovered that the Studio Artists Guild has been a fun way to get involved on campus. Many freshmen who joined have found it to be a platform to meet fellow artists on campus.

“I joined Studio Artists Guild because I enjoy drawing and art. It brought me to a lot of like-minded people at Lasell. Through the group, I made a lot of friends,” said freshman Jenna Martyn-Fisher.

The club has opened doors to students to showcase their work and develop their talents as artists. The group also participates in community service proj- ects, such as face painting at the Spring Fair, and decorating statues.

“I like the surprise of particular students when it comes to drawing. It’s nice to see students that you wouldn’t see as great artists really show off hidden talents,” said Millman. Like Millman, the students involved with the Studio Artists Guild enjoy the opportunities that the club presents as well as the opportunity to learn new art tactics along the way.

“I really like how friendly and close everyone is. We are all friends outside the club and everyone builds off each other whenever we do activities. It’s pretty ‘drawsome,’” said Samantha Mackie, a freshman member of the Stu- dio Artists Guild.

Millman encourages group members to be creative and expressive. “The club is helpful because I am not an art major, so I do not get to take any art classes. The Studio Ar tist Guild allows me to be more artistic,” said Tier Gib- bons, a freshman.

Though it is only in its first year, the Studio Artists Guild has enough mo- mentum to continue expanding as those involved look forward to more meet- ings, projects, and time together.

“I have a campus-wide activity planned for next year with the club called Art Fest, which will include mul- tiple art stations, such as face painting, Pictionary, and many other activities,” said Millman. “Great times will absolutely ensue in Studio Artists Guild.”

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