Cupcake shop serves delectable sweets Reply

By Alex Ferri — Photo Editor

Sweet Cupcakes is an attractive shop with windows decorated with pink and red paper heart chains. Brown boxes made tiers for little pink cupcakes and the word “Sweet” is printed on the window. From just a mere glance, a Newbury Street passersby is just dying to go inside and try a cupcake or two.

I walked into a quaint little store with one of the most beautiful cupcake display cases I had ever seen. I was a kid in cupcake heaven. Along with their everyday lineup of cupcakes like Dark Chocolate, Organic Karat, and the Sweet Cake, they have different sets of seasonal cupcakes.

I took one of everything. The Red Velvet was smooth, romantically red, and decadent. I opted for the special chocolate cream cheese frosting which made it even more sinful. Next was the Chocolate Raspberry, a rich dark chocolate cake filled with raspberry preserves and finished with a chocolate butter cream frosting. The Chocolate Ganache cupcake will satisfy any chocolate lover, hands down.

To cut all the heavy chocolate goodness, I opted for the more elegant Angel Food cake, which was light and airy. The Strawberry Shortcake featured a vanilla bean cake filled with strawberry preserves and finished with a whipped cream cloud.

As I usually do, I saved the best for last — the Hot Cocoa cupcake. The rich dark chocolate cupcake was filled with mousse, and topped with a whipped cream swirl. It was dusted with cocoa and served with a little stirrer.

When I arrived back at Riverside, I had an empty box of cupcakes and a full heart and stomach. Sweet Cupcakes on Newbury Street is a wonderful place to go, whether to buy cupcakes for a friend or loved one, or to indulge in some sweet treats for yourself.

Sweet Cupcakes, 225 Newbury Street, Boston, Mass., 02116. Tel. (617)267-2253, http://www.sweetcup¬

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