Local, student designers take part in fashion show for charity Reply

Junior Jenna Bogdan models in the Birthday Wishes Fashion Show, where student collections and local Boston designs were shown
Photo by Kristina Kaufmann

By Cait Fitzgerald — 1851 Staff

Lasell hosted a fashion show to raise money for Birthday Wishes, a nonprofit organization, dedicated to giving homeless children memorable birthdays. Collections included creations by some of Lasell’s student designers, as well as donations by local Boston stores and designers.

The fashion show was divided into themed chapters. The first chapter was Leisure to Luxury, which started with Calypso St. Barth of Boston. St. Barth’s collection was made up of flirty tribal prints for spring.

St. Barth was followed by French Lessons Boutique of Wellesley, Mass. French Lessons Boutique’s collection was full of playful prints and color.

Morgan Memorial Goodwill of Brighton, Mass. was third in line with men’s fashion. Morgan Memorial Goodwill provides jobs and clothes for those falling on hard times.

Free People at the Natick Collection in Natick, Mass. provided a whimsical feel with candy-colored shorts and free flowing tops with other throwbacks to the 1970s.

Crush Boutique of Boston ended the Leisure to Luxury show with glamorous and sophisticated cocktail dresses.

“I felt the amount of work that went into the show as well as the execution was well done,” said Arthur Bean, father of set designer and senior Olivia Peloquin.

Senior Cherai Mills, said the show raised money for a good cause. “I think the show’s a great idea for a great cause because Lasell’s a very fashion based school,” she said. “It’s a great way to bring a diverse group of students together.”

After a brief intermission, the Do You Believe in Magic chapter began, starting with student designer, senior Colleen McCleary, who designs the Keeny Paige line. Keeny Paige’s designs are reminiscent of Betsey Johnson, with playful colors and unique accents.

“I’m really glad I’ve been involved in this show, it’s been a lot of fun so far. I’m a fashion senior this year at Lasell, so I was hesitant about taking on an extra project,” said McCleary.

Brussel Sprouts in Newton Centre, Mass., the next line, was full of earth tones, which made for a calming transition after Keeny Paige’s bright, lively colors.

Karma Loop followed with street wear for men and women, a company that has dressed rappers such as Wiz Khalifa.

Following street wear for young adults, clothes from Ann Taylor Factory were modeled with Lindsay Tia handbags, designed by senior Lindsay Reilly.

Morgan Memorial Goodwill made a second appearance, but with accents of yellow in each design.

Boston designer and Lasell alum Gregory Paul came next with impres¬sive creations.

Yolanda Collections by Yolanda of Boston closed the show with glamorous designs, with Yolanda’s saying, “We have one life to live, why not live it glamorously?”

“This whole entire production could not have been put on without all the outside help. It was all around a good connected learning experience in and out of the class,” said junior Maryah Duplissie.

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