Shoeless students raise money for charity Reply

Students went barefoot for A Day Without Shoes.
Photo by Kristina Kaufmann

By Kristina Kaufmann — Layout

Students tromped around campus without shoes as part of A Day Without Shoes on April 10 in an effort to raise awareness of those who can’t afford shoes around the the world. The event was created in part by Tom’s Shoes.

“The awareness seems to have spread around cam­pus from past years,” said Ginelle Gaulin-McKenzie, MACC AmeriCorps VISTA* and participant.

Students met outside of the Van Winkle quad where they handed out One Day Pocket Cards to people passing by. The parade continued down Woodland Road and outside of Valentine Dining Hall, where students encouraged their peers to take off their shoes for the event. From there, they continued to Brennan Library and the Campus Center.

“This is the third year Lasell has par­ticipated in the barefoot walk. I noticed that this year a lot more people knew what we were doing when they saw us,” said Gaulin-McKenzie.

In addition to passing out flyers and holding up signs as students marched, blue cardboard boxes were placed around cam­pus to collect gently-used, clean clothes and shoes as donations for the Shoulder-to-Shoulder pro­gram. The boxes will remain on campus in the Center for Community-Based Learning and the library.

Senior Colleen McCleary was one of the barefoot walk­ers in the parade, but also col­lected donations for Niños De Veracruz (NDV).

“We also accepted, and are still accepting money do­nations, too. The money will also go to Niños De Veracruz,” said McCleary. “NDV provides scholarships to children in Mexico so they can afford to continue their education, and [it] also provides microloans to families in need.”

Every donation helps, even in small denominations, according to Mc­Cleary. “Even if little donations are col­lected, it’s still a great opportunity for stu­dents to put [themselves] in someone else’s shoes, or lack thereof, and appreciate what we all have.”

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