Student dreams of running marathon Reply

Meghan Missett, a Lasell senior, is a runner with hopes to one day compete in the Boston Marathon.
Photo Courtesy of Kayla McKenna

By Zac Vierra — Copy Editor 

Each year on Marathon Monday, thousands of run­ners pass the Lasell College campus on their journey from Hopkinton to Bos­ton. As the runners turn from Route 16 to Com­monwealth Ave, hundreds of Lasell students line the road to cheer on the ath­letes. While most students are happy being spectators of the Boston Marathon, senior Meghan Missett dreams of running the 26.2 mile route in the future.

Missett, who is a mem­ber of the Lasell track and cross-country teams, typical­ly runs 3-12 miles each day. One of the routes she runs on a regular basis includes Com­monwealth Ave. at roughly the 17.5-mile mark of the marathon she hopes to com­pete in some day.

Missett has been run­ning competitively since her junior year at Lowell High School and set Lasell records in the 3000-meter and the mile run, along with being named GNAC runner of the week twice last fall. One of her proud­est accomplishments was the 3000-meter steeplechase, an event that includes barriers and water jumps that runners must hurdle over.

“I had never done it be­fore, so I was super nervous, but it was something I really wanted to try,” said Missett. “I didn’t run a fast time, but I’m glad I got outside of my comfort zone and did it.”

When she graduates in May, Missett will receive a Bachelor’s degree in Commu­nication with a concentration in creative advertising, and she hopes to make a career working in a nonprofit arts department.

For now, Missett wants to join a Boston-area running club and still be competitive when she graduates. One day, although she is not sure when, she hopes to pass the corner of Route 16 and Com­monwealth Ave as a runner instead of a face in the crowd.

~ Contributions by Brian Roach

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