Village resident talks science, engineering 1

Irv Gruverman, a Lasell Village resident, is a member of the Lasell College Board of Trustees and has worked in the field of science and engineering.
Photo by Morgan Brittney Austin

By Morgan Brittney Austin — 1851 Staff

“One cannot foreclose large areas of possibilities,” said Irv Gruverman, 78, a Lasell Village resident. Gruverman has encountered many opportunities in the field of science and engineering in his lifetime.

In 1963, Gruverman moved to Boston after growing up in Brooklyn, N Y. As a child, his parents taught him the values of hard work, honesty, and respect. Thanks to those values, Gruverman quickly made his way into the science field. In 1954, he graduated from The Cooper Union with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, and in 1955, he received his M.S. from MIT in Nuclear Engineering.

“You have to be able to handle the job and be good at guiding a company that is maturing,” said Gruverman of wanting to own a company of his own.

In 1983, Gruverman founded the Microfluidics Corporation, a supplier of high intensity fluid processing systems and methodology. He was the CEO until he retired in 2007.

Gruverman was also the Executive Vice President of DuPont’s New England Nuclear Division, where he was responsible for the development and success of Thallium-201, an imaging diagnostic for heart disease assessment. He is currently Chairman of the In Vitro Diagnostics Corporation, and is a consultant to the Advanced Radiation Technology Corporation.

Along with being involved with his work in the science and engineering field, Gruverman enjoys being a Lasell College Board of Trustees member.

“I am flattered to be on the board. I think it’s a strong group of people that can move Lasell College forward,” said Gruverman. “I appreciate how far this college has come.”

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