Arianna Cote experiences Lasell without field hockey Reply

By Kaitlyn Quinn – 1851 Staff

Arianna Cote is now finding more time to spend on her school work. Without a constant field hockey schedule in her life, she appreciates the time she has to complete her work.When did your field hockey career start? My junior year of high school.

Why then? Because I played soccer my freshman and sophomore year and I didn’t really like the people on the team and I was losing interest in the sport so one of my other friends told me to try out for field hockey. So I gave it some consideration and decided to try out.

What brings you to quit something? When I’m not having fun anymore and it becomes more of a hassle than something I choose to do to have fun.

What was your field hockey career like in high school? I was ‘high scorer’ my junior year and also honorable mention All-Shore Line. And then my senior year I had Mono, so I couldn’t play for half the year, so I didn’t really play. But I played in a lot of club and premier leagues and that’s how I ended up being recruited.

How did you hear about Lasell? Coach Connolly, the coach here at Lasell, e-mailed me in August coming into my senior year. She expressed an interest in me playing there and after doing some research I thought about it.

Did you dream to play collegiate field hockey? I didn’t really start thinking about it, until I started getting emails from coaches. I really wanted to play collegiate basketball.

Why didn’t you play basketball? Because I didn’t get recruited as much, I got recruited more in Lasell for field hockey so I went with that. I thought if the coaches wanted me more for field hockey, I should just go with that.

How was your first year playing at Lasell? It was a learning experience. It was different from high school. It made me really reconsider why I was playing field hockey and really showed me if I really liked the sport or not.

Did you have any setbacks your freshman year? Yes, I was injured.

Was this during field hockey? How? I was home for Labor Day weekend and was in a car accident. However, this injury affected my ankle, other than that my mom and me were okay. I also took a field hockey ball to the ankle before I went home, so because of these events, I wore a boot for six months and was on crutches for about three. I ended up needing surgery and I still have complications today.

How did this injury affect your first collegiate year? Well it put my year to a stop, field hockey wise. It stopped my career. I couldn’t do anything for about nine months. I couldn’t do any real extreme physical activity. It made getting back in shape really difficult and getting back into the swing of things very difficult.

So you stopped playing after your first year? Not really, I played for a year and a half until I realized my ankle just couldn’t do it anymore.

What made you come back the second year? People at home were really counting on me and the fact that my high school wasn’t really known for collegiate athletes, I wanted to do it for myself but also for my high school, town and friends. I was basically doing it for everyone but myself.

Why didn’t you finish the second year? Because my ankle was getting worse instead of getting better and I finally thought to myself, ‘Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my college experience?’  I didn’t want to suffer for the rest of my career and for the rest of my college experience.

When did you decide you were unhappy? My ankle was hurting too much and it was just time to leave. I was mentally and physically drained. I knew my ankle was hurting and I was sick of limping around in everyday life.

What was the breaking point? We had just lost a game to St. Joe’s in Maine, and after doing along road trip, I had known I was tired and sore. I didn’t get much play time.  However, I knew that we were going to have to run into the ground by our coaches the next day in practice. After not playing at all really this season and having to run for punishment after every loss and sometimes even win, I knew my ankle couldn’t handle this anymore. It was sore and I was done.

How did you leave the team?I went to my athletic trainer and talked to her about it. With her support I went to my coach with my uniform and told her my ankle was really, really bothering me. I felt like I was bringing down the team. I felt like I was slowing down the team and that’s what I really didn’t want. I said that’s why I couldn’t keep going with this team because I felt guilty about all of this.

How do you feel about your decision now? At first, I really thought it was a bad decision. I also thought it was bad because, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my free-time. Now I am pleased with my decision. I am much happier and I can focus on school. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and the ability I have to go just go home to Connecticut anytime I want. I just got back from a weekend at home, and it was refreshing to have that ability.

What do you do to pass the time? I definitely focus more on my school work.  I am ahead in all of my classes. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends both at school and being able to go home and see them.

What do you hope to achieve at Lasell? Well obviously I would like a degree in Sports Management. I am also working towards a minor in coaching and sports communication. I am trying to make Dean’s List this semester and continue to do so as I complete my years at Lasell College.

Have your views of Lasell changed since leaving the field hockey team? I feel like if I had quit my freshman year it would have been different because I wouldn’t have that friend group that I developed over the year. But I still do have those friends that I made last year, even though I don’t play anymore, we are still really close. I also made a lot of friends this year with people who had just joined, who I see every day. So I would say no, my views of Lasell haven’t changed because I am still going for the same degree in the same programs and I am still involved in just as much as I was before, I just don’t play field hockey anymore.

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