Folk musician comes to Lasell to celebrate Woody Gurthrie Reply

Alastair Moock (right) performing along with his friend Jamie (left) in the Yamawaki Auditorium in honor of Woody Guthrie. On the projection is a photograph of Woody Guthrie.
Photo by: Morgan Brittney Austin

By Morgan Brittney Austin – 1851 Staff

Folk musician and song writer, Alastair Moock, 39, captivated an audience of students and elderly on September 23, 2012 at 12:20 p.m. at the Yamawaki Auditorium as he performed Woody Guthrie’s most famous songs in celebration of his 100th anniversary.

“That’s what this program is about: celebrating his legacy,” said Moock.

Lasell is holding an exhibit in the Wedeman Gallery in the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center in honor and celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Woody Guthrie. The exhibition includes photographs of Woody Guthrie and lyrics from some of his songs. It also includes artwork by Lasell students influenced by Guthrie’s work.

Moock involved his audience in his performance by getting them to sing his opening song, “This Land Was Made for You and Me.” After each song, Moock gave the audience facts about Gurthie’s life. Guthrie wrote songs about his hometown in Oklahoma, union songs, and children’s songs.

“Guthrie writes in a timeless way. . . that gives universal meaning,” said Moock.

“I think his presentation was entertaining. It made me learn more about the life of Woody Guthrie when Moock sang some of his songs and with the powerpoint showing pictures from his life,” said Yalitza Marrero, sophomore at Lasell.

“I enjoyed it.  I can tell how he conveyed himself through his music. I got more out of going to the exhibition than Moock’s presentation, but it was still enjoyable,” said Nate Parenteau, junior at Lasell.

Moock received his love of folk music from his father. “It really changed me in a profound way,” said Moock about discovering folk music. Moock considers Guthrie his “song writing hero.”

“You can’t listen to folk music without running into Woody Guthrie,” said Moock.

The Woody Guthrie exhibition is opened now until October 5, 2012 in the Wedeman Gallery in Yamawaki.

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