“Make your voice heard” urges voting Reply

The “Make your voice heard” mural in Wolfe which was designed by the Graphic Design Club. Photo By Kristina Kaufmann

By Michelle BurkeCopy Editor

The “Make Your Voice Heard” campaign is spreading voting awareness through numerous events this month and is asking for student involvement.

The Donahue Institute has paired with Newton Women’s League representative, Sharyn Roberts, to get students to register to vote before the November 6 Presidential Election.

Professor Tessa LeRoux and student liaison Danielle Monastiero have held two events in the past few weeks, including setting up tables on National Voter Registration Day (September 25), along with a live screening of the presidential debate on October. 3.  A green screen was available for students to pose with their candidate of choice, courtesy of Sarah Richardson and Jenny Granger. Both events offered absentee ballots and voting registration forms.

If students missed either one of the events, there is still opportunity to register. Residential Life and Student Activities will be holding a last-minute drive on October 16 in the Arnow Quad during common hours.

“This is a great opportunity for students to register and send in absentee ballots. There will also be pizza and ice cream offered,” said Patricia Moran, who is heading the event.

Students who reside in any location other than Newton outside of the school year should register to vote in their hometowns by filling out an absentee ballot. Students with scholarships must register to vote in their hometown in order to avoid the risk of losing a scholarship.

The “Make Your Voice Heard” slogan is spreading throughout campus. The Graphic Design Club created a mural in the front window of Wolfe to advertise the slogan to students. Posters from nationalvoterregistrationday.org have been hung around campus. The combined efforts of those on the campaign have resulted in over 150 registrants.

For skeptical students not wanting to vote, Professor LeRoux encourages everyone to still register.

“Register anyway, and get as much information about each candidate as possible before the election. This way, you have the option to vote when the time arrives,” said LeRoux.

Decisions made by the government affect students directly, especially on topics such as the cost of education, contraception, employment, and healthcare.

LeRoux said that it is “important for students to have a voice in who gets elected to make these decisions.”

The “Make Your Voice Heard” campaign by this year’s election awareness team is possible with thanks to Lasell’s SGA, the Donahue Institute, Student Affairs, and the Graphic Design Club.

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