Bookstore provides better buying options Reply

Zach Gray – Sports Editor

No matter the subject, chances are one of your courses requires textbooks. Though many students order textbooks via Amazon and other online shopping sites, the Donahue’s Bookstore in the Arnow Campus Center continues to be the primary source for Lasell textbooks.

This past June, Follett Higher Education Group merged its more than 900 college book­stores. This allowed students to order books not just from their own campus store, but also from all other Follett bookstores across the country.

Randie Farmelant, the Donahue’s Book­store manager, expressed the benefits of having the hundreds of bookstores connected.

“Say you want a used book, but we don’t have it; you can still order it and it’ll ship from a different store,” said Farmelant. “If you want a book and we happen to be out, and another store is getting their shipment in a day before we do, it’ll get to you much quicker.”

Though students will argue that order­ing through shopping websites is cheaper and faster, the bookstore’s recent changes guaran­tees students will receive the correct order from a trusted source. In addition, the Donahue’s Bookstore offers a 30-day refund policy, which websites don’t necessarily have in place. A simi­lar refund exists with digital textbooks, as those can be returned in 14 days.

When preparing for the spring semester, it would be a wise choice to purchase from the Do­nahue’s Bookstore. That is, of course, if you do buy books next semester.

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