F.Stokes rocks the Yamawaki stage Reply

Kayli Hertel & Tanesha Barao – 1851 Staff

Photo by Natalie Kfoury

On September 27, Lasell College Ra­dio held a concert at the Yamawaki Audito­rium featuring SkyMan, Let it Drop Music, and F.Stokes.

The eve­ning started off with Schy­ler Oliveira, also known as SkyMan, a senior at Lasell. He performed some origi­nal songs, to which the crowd responded well. His pas­sionate lyrics stem from the fact that he no longer believes mu­sic has a last­ing message.

“I used to write spoken word per­formance poetry. That ’s where hip hop started for me, and really has been an advantage for me lyri­cally,” said Oliveira.

He interacted with the crowd, re­questing that they get up from their seats and gather around the stage. This interac­tion was continued when he was joined by “Let it Drop Music,” who pumped up the crowd with fast-paced rap music.

“That’s what I love about my music Behind my character is a story with a bigger scene than just me,” said Let it Drop Music.

Both Skyman and Let it Drop Music warmly welcomed the main performer, F.Stokes, to the stage. Once F.Stokes came on, he leapt off the stage and encouraged the crowd to form a circle around him. F.Stokes proceeded to perform multiple songs that replicated the passion of SkyMan.

F.Stokes continued the show by hav­ing the crowd sit while he sat on a chair and rapped acapella. Next, he had a female student sit on the chair and sang to her his melodic tune “Beauty and the Beast”.

The song describes societal oppression as a lead force in the world. F.Stokes left a lasting impression on Lasell by ending the concert with a group photo.

“This was my first LCR (Lasell Col­lege Radio) concert, and I really enjoyed it,” said Mad­elyn Torres, a freshman.

“The reason why we booked F.Stokes is because we got great re­views and that he was able to basi­cally put on a great per­f o r m a n c e in front of people and interact with them and not just go up on stage and sing songs,” said junior Justin Miller, LCR station manager.

LCR has also scheduled a Halloween dance called Creeps and Ghouls VIII that will take place on October 31 in DeWitt Hall. DJ Pup Dawg from Jam’n 94.5 will be making an appearance.

“He was the star of the Shamrock Slam last March and we knew we had to bring him back for this dance,” said Miller.


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