Jasper Rudd brings laughs to Lasell Reply

Morgan Brittney Austin – 1851 Staff

The Campus Activities Board presented Ten­nessee native Jasper Redd, a 33-year-old come­dian, at the Arnow Campus Center on October 5.

Redd is known for his performances in “Def Comedy Jam” and “National Lampoon’s Totally Baked: A Potumentary” and is a come­dian for pure entertainment.

Redd used crude humor to relate to his college-oriented audience. Topics from his skit included fast-food restaurants, sexual ori­entation and race.

Redd got his audience started by saying, “I don’t like Whopper Jr.’s ’cause that means that the Whopper has been [expletive].” He continued with his fast-food restaurant jokes by questioning why they offer salad and fruit cups, saying, “We don’t go to fast-food restau­rants to eat healthy.”

He also poked fun at sexual orientation.

“It’s easier to be gay and in the closet than a black person. You can’t be an in-the-closet black person. You actually have to hide in a closet. You can’t just come out, ‘Mom, Dad, I’m a negro,’” mocked Redd.

Redd also joked about race, comparing it to doing laundry.

“Mixing whites with the colors may [expletive] everything up,” said Redd. He continued to mock race in his skit, saying, “I joke about race because it’s absurd. I could never judge someone by the color of their skin, but by the color of their teeth, [expletive] green teeth!”

Like any other comedian, Redd was com­fortable enough in his skin to laugh at his own jokes, which encouraged the audience to laugh along with him.

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