New Muse album falls short Reply

Scott LaPier – 1851 Staff

Muse is a band noted for their ex­plosive live shows, powerful sound, and quirky conspiracy-inspired songs. They have made a career out of writing music that sends chills up your spine, can make you feel weightless and leaves you begging for more when the album finishes. How­ever, on their last two releases, they seem to have lost the plot.

Their previous album, “The Resis­tance,” lacked the power of its predeces­sors and replaced it with U2-inspired love-ballads and a sterilized sound.

“The 2nd Law” is no different. Gone are the songs about aliens and evil governments, and in their place are cheesy dubstep songs about infant children and over-the-top 80’s-esque stadium anthems. The dazzling guitar riffs and swirling electronic arpeggios are ab­sent from the new songs. Taken at face value, and with Muse’s previous work in mind, it is a total disappointment.

However, when viewed in context, “The 2nd Law” becomes something more. Recently, Matt Bellamy, lead singer and gui­tarist of Muse, celebrated his 34th birthday and his first child was born just over a year ago. It seems he knows he is getting older and does not have the raw energy that was present when he was 25 and recording “Ab­solution,” one of their older albums.

If Muse were compared to one of their English predecessors, it should be The Who, rather than U2. The album “Who by Numbers” is an album born out of the awk­ward period between being angry young men and seasoned rock veterans.

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