Parking restrictions bring unfair tickets Reply

Jacob Bell & Tom Tighe – 1851 Staff

Lasell is a home away from home for many students. Some come from a local town, and others live a few states away. La­sell sets rules and restrictions for parking so students have designated spots to park. However, they also issue tickets to vehicles that don’t have parking passes. These rules are enforced by Campus Police.

Although parking isn’t a problem for those with passes, its become a problem for those without. Some students can’t afford the cost for a permit. However, they need vehicles for off-campus activities. Some stu­dents are on the wait list for parking passes and they have no choice but to park off campus on public streets where they still receive tickets from Campus Police.

If someone has a problem with students parking on Newton streets, shouldn’t it be Newton Police issuing the tickets? According to Edward Conlin, Di­rector of Public Safety and Chief of Police at Lasell, “The tickets that Lasell College Police issue on city streets are for a viola­tion of college policy. The parking rules and regulations prohibit parking on city streets adjacent to the Lasell campus.”

It might be Lasell policy but, the stu­dents are parking on a public street. The only streets that are viable for parking within walking distance to the campus are those adjacent streets. Students accumu­late these tickets worth a $25 fine, which doubles after 25 days, and are forced to pay them. If the students couldn’t afford to pay for parking in the first place, how are they supposed to shell out the money for these tickets?

The students who actually paid for parking sitting on the wait list did ex­actly what they were supposed to. They waited on public streets, racked up tickets and then got told they won’t receive their parking passes until all tickets are paid, according to an email sent out by Campus Police. Is this fair that the school is mak­ing a ludicrous parking situation much more chaotic and costly?

Parking is a major inconvenience for all so why is Campus Police making it harder? The economy is tough; those of us who have jobs can’t afford to pay mas­sive fines, and those of us without jobs end up stuck with accumulating debt. If Newton has a problem with students parking on their streets while the parking ban is not in effect, then let the Newton Police be the ones to issue the tickets.

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