Safety report shows decrease in crime Reply

Zac Vierra – Co-editor-in-chief 

Lasell released its annual security re­port at the end of September, a report that contained policy statements and crime statistics for the college. The most drastic change among statistics was the decrease in burglaries on campus from 28 in 2010 to eight in 2011.

Other statistics included 124 disciplin­ary actions for liquor law violations on cam­pus in 2011, down from 172 in 2010 and 57 disciplinary actions for drug law violations on campus in 2011, compared to 76 in 2009 and 46 in 2010. There were also zero fires reported in 2011.

About 20 of the burglaries that were com­mitted in 2010 were by the same two individu­als who no longer go to the college and were apprehended and prosecuted for their actions.

One way the college has tried to im­prove the safety on campus is the installa­tion of security cameras.

“The cameras have really helped and the large numbers from the year before were the result of basically two individuals,” said Lieutenant Ed Conlin, Director of Pub­lic Safety and Chief of Lasell College Police.

Along with the cameras, other new safety measures that have helped include directed patrols.

“Directed patrols are when we have the officers concentrate in certain areas and they will actually get out of the car and look around and make community contacts,” said Lieutenant Christopher Pacheco of the Lasell College Police Department. “I think that is crucial to crime prevention.”

Although these new measures have helped improve the safety at Lasell, Conlin stresses the importance of community aware­ness to keep the college safe in the future.

“If [students] see something, they need to call. The cameras are great for finding stuff afterwards, but we have about 175 cameras now and we can’t possibly watch all of them at once so you need people to call,” Conlin said. “We have put a lot of things into place to try to make the place as safe as we can but if you leave the door open to your residence hall or you let somebody in, everything that we have put into place becomes compromised.”

The security report also includes many policies for students to be aware of such as emergency response, evacuation proce­dures, notification procedures and drug and alcohol polices. The report also has a list of important phone numbers for stu­dents to be aware of.

“Everything in [the report] is to enhance [student’s] safety and security,” said Conlin.

A PDF of the report can be viewed at

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