Slam poets showcase skills Reply

By Jacklyn Linsky – 1851 Staff

Slam poets Melissa Newman Evans, McKendy Fils-Aime, and Beau Williams performed on Sep. 26 in front of a small group in the Arnow Campus Center.

Though the audience was slight, the poets gave an amazing performance and put a lot of energy into making sure that the poems were performed well. The audience size made the performances much more personal and intense. Onlookers enjoyed the performances due to its rhythmic pace, leaving the audience hanging on to every word.

The poets all performed original poetry including, “Don’t Play with Your Shadow,” “Old Dirty Sestina,” “Cash Flow,” and “Drunk Girl on the T.” The pieces ranged in emotion, swinging anywhere from humorous to dark. Each poem had a meaning and listeners could feel the emotions behind them.

Many times when reciting the poems, the poets used various hand gestures to convey the meaning of the poem, or to express a certain point. The gestures would sometimes be pointing as if they were asking for help from the audience to fix whatever plagued what they wrote. At times, their hands were gripping their sides, almost hugging themselves, in a protective nature, such as when the poem brought up a bad memory.

Williams’ poem spoke about people he knew and he used his poetry to take control and get over tragedy. The poem pertaining to his father’s suicide attempt was powerful. Evans’ poems gave off a comical vibe, and were many times fictional and funny. Fils-Aime’s poems focused more on racial issues, which he presented in an artistic way.

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