Romney rebuilds economy Reply

Frankie LeoneContributing Writer

With November right around the cor­ner, people might find themselves asking the question “Who should I vote for?” You may be following the election campaigns, watching the debates, catching a few de­tails from news stories, and finally decide both candidates seem to be a legitimate choice. The clear cut presidential hopeful, however, is Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney has based his campaign off a five-point plan. The first point of this plan is to achieve energy independence by 2020. His second point is to expand trade for America, which means expand­ing opportunities for businesses, further­ing competition and economic stimula­tion. The third is to provide better public schools and more access to higher levels of education. Point four is to reduce the deficit our nation faces by reducing the size of the federal government. His final point is to promote small business.

Romney believes that it’s small busi­nesses that fuel and run our economy. Ac­cording to his official website, “small busi­nesses are the engine of job creation in this country, but they will struggle to succeed if taxes and regulations are too burdensome or if a government in Washington does its best to stifle them.” Romney wants to be a man for the American people.

Romney is goal-oriented in a way that will benefit Americans. He bases his ideals for economic growth on three basic prin­ciples: free enterprise, hard work and inno­vation. Through his plans, Romney aims to reduce taxes and spending of government programs, as well as increase trade and en­ergy production to enhance the job mar­ket. With more people at work and receiv­ing paychecks, the more money there is to spend and help stimulate the economy to a place of stability.

Romney says he will, as president, “safeguard America and secure our coun­try’s interests and most cherished ideals.” He vows to create a sense of safety for the American people both from foreign threats and militant powers to economic down­falls. He also says that “our friends and al­lies will not have doubts about where we stand and what we will do to safeguard our interests and theirs.” Romney wants to re-establish the United States as a prominent world power to be taken seriously.

Come November, you’re going to go to the polls or you’re not. You’re going to vote for presidential hopeful Mitt Romney or President Obama. However, when it comes to getting what we need as a coun­try, the clear cut choice is Mitt Romney.

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