Rugby looks back, pushes forward Reply

Brian Roach – 1851 Staff

The rugby club in action against Westfield. Photo By Kristina Kaufmann

The Rugby Club has been competing for the past three seasons and many of the upperclassmen have remained dedicated to the team.

Last fall, the Lasers finished with a 5-0 regular season record to earn a Division IV playoff berth. This year, the team is 2-2 with their most recent defeat to the Westfield State Owls on October 13, during Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend, by a score of 32-7.

“[Last year] we made a statement and this year it’s all about finishing [that state­ment],” said senior Seth Parmeter.

All of the upperclassmen were in agreement that the game against Westfield was the biggest one on the schedule, so far.

“For one reason, [we] take it one game at a time and the most important game is the next one we are playing,” said Frankie Leone before the match with Westfield. “But also because Westfield [was] the only team to beat us last year.”

In the first round of the Division IV playoffs last year, Lasell defeated sixth-seed­ed Champlain College 44-8, but went on to lose against Westfield 22-5 in the semi-finals on the road on November 12, 2011.

Whether it was the undefeated regular -season run that led the team to the first playoff berth in team history or the start of a new regime with coach Eric Wilson at the helm, the upperclassmen have seen it all.

“It’s good to have somebody with us who knows the game and has a little different way to do things,” said senior Frankie Leone.

Coach Wilson joined the Lasers last se­mester for the spring season.

“I feel like in the past, we faced teams who had a bit of an edge because they had a coach and we didn’t have that edge, but now we can compete,” said Parameter. “When you don’t have a strategy, when you don’t have a game plan, it’s kind of hard. Coach brings that strategic element that helps us coordinate some sort of plan.”

Entering their fourth season, the Rug­by Club has become one of the most popu­lar sports on campus as they won Student Organization of the Year award last spring.

With two games left this semester, both being on the road against Mitchell College and Framingham State University, the Rug­by Club can still return to the playoffs.

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