Students react to election results Reply

By Jake Bell and Tom Tighe – Copy Editor and 1851 Staff

Election results announced on Tuesday, November 6 revealed that Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the United States. It was an election that impacted many on a broad range of issues, including stu­dents at Lasell.

“I thought that the popular vote was right on point, thought it would be close. However I thought that the electoral vote was going to be reversed,” said senior Michael Mahoney. With President Obama win­ning the popular vote 50 to 48 per­cent, and the electoral vote 303 to 206, he convincingly secured his spot as our nation’s President.

While Obama ran a campaign stressing change in America, some feel that it’s a different kind of change this nation needs. “Well you’re obviously rooting for the guy you vote for,” said registered Repub­lican voter and senior Matt McCar­thy. “Obama had promised change and I feel he fell short on delivering all of his promises. I saw Romney as a good candidate.”

Barack Obama passed the Stu­dent Loan Reform Act in 2010 saving students more than $60 billion. This reform decreases student monthly payments and forgives debt after twenty years of timely payments. “I still feel worried about my stu­dent loan payments,” said Frank Leone. “It made this election very relevant for me knowing my loans and how I paid for them were at stake.”

Students organized across campus to watch the election re­sults. “A bunch of us were watch­ing the election together,” said senior Paige Seavey. “Some of us wanted Romney to win and oth­ers wanted the president to get re-elected for another term. It was starting to get late when the results came out but we didn’t mind staying up for them.”

“In the weeks ahead, I also look forward to sitting down with Governor Romney to talk about where we can work to­gether to move this country for­ward,” the president said in his victory speech.

Students hope to see a posi­tive result from the election, an election that they were encour­aged to participate in through­out the school year. “I’m inter­ested to see what will happen in the next four years,” said Ma­honey. “I feel it will be like the past four years with the divided House unless our elected lead­ers can come together.”

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