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Actress Kaiulani Lee speaks to students, faculty, and Lasell Village residents during the Talk of Ages, “A Sense of Wonder” event. Photo By Kristina Kaufmann

Kristina Kaufmann and Kayli Hertel – Photo Editor and 1851 Staff

“We all think we can’t make a differ­ence, yes we can,” said actress Kaiulani Lee at the Talk of Ages, “A Sense of Wonder” event on Friday, November 9, in Rosen Auditorium. The event was centered on bringing recognition to Rachel Carson, an influential author and environmental activ­ist. The event focused on Carson’s novel, Si­lent Spring, which reflected on the chemical industry’s use of pesticides and America’s contemporary environmental movement.

During the event, the film “A Sense of Won­der” was shown that portrayed the remaining years of Carson’s life in which she wrote Silent Spring. The film reflected Carson’s personal struggles with her family life as well as her work life, where chemical industries challenged her credibility as a scientist.

“Since I was a little girl I always as­sumed, I would be a writer,” said Carson. However, it wasn’t until her sophomore year, when she was forced to take a biol­ogy class, that she discovered her love for science. She changed her major to biology, graduated magna cum laude, and went to graduate school at Johns Hopkins Univer­sity to study zoology.

Carson strived to illuminate the truth in her writing by using science. Towards the end of her life she was battling cancer for three years. She used determination to postpone what she consid­ered the final battle, death.

Her last book, “Silent Spring,” was published in 1962, after four years of continu­ously collect­ing new data and research. Originally, she was hesitant towards writ­ing a book that focused on the act of pesticides, which indi­rectly killed birds and other wildlife. “I wanted to write about life,” said Car­son.

After the film, Kaiulani Lee, who por­trayed Carson in the adapted film, talked with the audience filled with students, professors and residents of La­sell Village.

Lee an­swered ques­tions concerning the film, but also talked about her personal experi­ences in relation towards Carson’s views. “If there is something you believe in, do it,” said Lee.

Lee has had more than 35 years of experience in television, film, and theater indus­tries. She starred in plays on and off Broadway, and guest starred on television series such as “Law & Order.” For the past 13 years she has taught acting at George Mason Univer­sity. She has previously taught at NYU’s Kanbar Institute of Film and Television.

The event, “A Sense of Wonder,” was one of many Talk of Ages events scheduled throughout this upcoming year. This new program, offered through the Fuss Center of Lasell Village, is designed to bring the community of many generations, in both Lasell College and Lasell Village, together around mutual interests.

“I thought it was riveting to tie mul­tiple generations together to educate ev­eryone on such a historical figure,” said sophomore Seth Millman.

Each year a new theme is chosen in which events and programs are based on, this year’s theme is “healthy aging and the environment.”

“Next semester we have another big event coming. Florence Williams is coming to speak about her book, ‘Breasts: A Natural and Unnatu­ral History’,” said Joann Montepare, Director of the RoseMary B. Fuss Center.

For more information on Kaiulini Lee’s work, please visit, and to learn more about the film shown at the Talk of Ages event, visit

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