Cross country runners reach the finish line Reply

Brian Roach1851 Staff

After the NCAA meet on November 10, both the men’s and women’s cross-country teams were officially finished for this season. For seniors Isaac Montoya and Christina Annicelli, it was a final goodbye to their cross country careers.

Annicelli ran during all four years of college, holding the captain title of the 2012 team. “I ran all four years and right away everyone was nice and welcoming,” said Annicelli. “That’s why I think the program has meant so much to me.”

After transferring from the University of Texas at El Paso, Montoya struggled to stay with the team. “When I trans­ferred, I tried getting into the team, and I got hurt the first day of practice,” said Montoya. “After that I took a year off and ended up with a short career.”

The college-level of long-distance running has been hard on both Annicelli and Montoya.“[I] never thought it would make a difference, but those two miles really do change the strategy [of the race],” said Montoya.

Annicelli is impassioned by cross-country due to her love of running long distances and helping people as captain. At the GNAC Cham­pionship meets on Oct. 27 2012, both Anni­celli and Montoya finished near the top of the pack. With her 80th-place fin­ish, Annicelli was content with being a part of the GNAC meet again, as they are the “most im­portant” of the Championship meets. Montoya, who finished 51st at his GNAC meet, really enjoyed the atmosphere and be­ing with his team.

“It seemed at this race that we were all getting together re­ally well, [especially] communi­cating very well,” said Montoya. “It just seems like once the season starts wrapping up, [so does] our friendships. It was great to see everyone happy with the results.”

The women’s team finished eighth in the GNAC meet while the men came in fifth place.

Annicelli is set to ease up a little to heal because her legs are “starting to fall apart.” She aspires to either be a teacher or an area coordinator after graduation.

As for Montoya, he may just stick to what he knows. “Lucky for me, being an exer­cise science major, I get to stick around with the whole training aspect and I get to train myself as well,” said Montoya. “Hopefully, one day, [I can] help a program, like Lasell, with [its] cross country team by strengthening the ath­letes and helping build a better program.”

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