Hendrickson entertains Campus Center crowd Reply

Comedian Andy Hendrickson performs at the Arnow Campus Center. Hendrickson brought laughter and fun with his performance.Photo By Morgan Brittney Austin

Morgan Brittney Austin1851 Staff

Comedian Andy Hendrickson came from New York to entertain an audience of about 30 students on November 9 at the Ar­now Campus Center.

Hen­drickson’s sarcastic hu­mor was the highlight of his per­formance. He was comfortable making fun of himself.

“This must not be a party school be­cause you’re out here on a Friday night watch­ing me,” said Hen­drickson.

In ad­dition, he interacted with and teased the audience throughout the performance, mak­ing the atmosphere inviting and comedic.

“You guys are quiet laughers,” said Hen­drickson to the crowd as they warmed up.

In a skit about wine tasting, Hendrickson said an old girlfriend brought him to a setting of nicely dressed people comparing the wine to flavors other than the taste of grapes. He continued joking about comparing the tastes of wine to other flavors by saying, “It tastes like a lady bug took a [expletive] on the grapes.”

Whenever he was talking about someone else, he’d change his voice depending upon if the person was male or female, which got his au­dience laughing. In a skit about his mother leav­ing him long voicemails, he changed his voice to sound more feminine. In another skit about his friend losing his grandfather to sexual inter­course, he sounded more masculine.

Hendrickson’s jokes got sexual toward the end of his performance.

“They should make color-changing con­doms based on the STD,” said Hendrickson, say­ing green is go, blue is use two condoms, and red is dead. Hendrick­son ended his perfor­mance say­ing he start­ed using an online dat­ing website, okaycupid.com.

An Asian wom­an he found on the web­site signed her mes­sage, “By the way, I’m Tran.” He said he was unsure if the woman meant Tran was her name, or if she was saying she is transsexual. His audience cracked up when he said he’d come back to let his audience know if it was a man or woman.

Hendrickson’s jokes got the audience laughing and if one is looking for lewd or sar­castic bits, he certainly delivers.

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