Network hinders progress Reply

Ashlyn Curley 1851 Staff

Many students who use the comput­ers on campus have been experiencing difficulties logging onto the computer and Internet.

When a student attempts to log onto a computer, the server often denies ac­cess. Students and faculty have been hav­ing trouble accessing the Internet, which is inconvenient for faculty members who use the Internet in their lectures.

Internet access on campus comput­ers is inconsistent. While one computer might allow web access with no problem, the student on the computer next to it struggles to connect, having to repeatedly hit the refresh button.

This occurrence isn’t as frequent on laptops. However, not every student owns a laptop. Students need the computers to have access to special programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite. Graphic design courses and some communication courses use Lasell computers every day. For exam­ple, the Lowe

Teaching Lab (Brennan LTL) is often affected. Internet is often down and the students often have difficulty log­ging in. With inconsistent access to these computers, how can professors of these courses teach?

Technical difficulties are bound to happen, and Information Technology is making an effort to resolve accessibility is­sues across campus. However, with tuition costing nearly $28,000, students should be able to get the most out of their educa­tions by using the school computers.

With communications being one of the most popular majors, it is important to have access to a computer. Professors are beginning to assign their final proj­ects, most of which involve Internet re­search. Not having access to the network hinders students’ progress.

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