Unwanted wake up woes Reply

Jake BellCopy Editor 

Whether it’s due to work, studying, or socializing, students living on campus usually don’t go to bed until late. Most of us can function with a couple hours of sleep and a nap during the day. However, what is becoming a problem with Lasell residents is the landscaping and leaf blow­ing during the early morning hours.

It seems like a practical joke that any­one would consider having leaf blowers commissioned to operate at 7:30 a.m. when many students don’t get any sleep before 2 a.m.

For those of us having the misfortune of attending 8 a.m. classes it makes for a great alarm, but when we don’t have class until noon it’s the worst wakeup call in the world.

Yes, I’ve heard the argument “just close your windows.” However, having the windows closed the whole night and still waking up thinking the leaf blower is on your nightstand debunks that whole argu­ment. Windows at Lasell aren’t soundproof.

According to senior Mike Mahoney, this has been an issue since his fresh­man year. “It doesn’t matter which dorm I lived in, all four years it was the same thing. Leaf blowers in the fall and mowers in the spring, all loud just the same.”

Instead of waking students early to do a task that can easily be started later in the day, it should simply be started in the late morning or afternoon. Whether you’re a student, working professional, or parent, no one likes waking up before they have to. It’s reasonable to have the landscaping company come even an hour later.

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