Vision 2017 sees new athletic center in the future

“Vision 2017” includes plans for a new athletic center. One possible location for the new athletic center would be across the street from the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center (see above). To start the project, Lasell will need 1-3 lead donors of at least $5-15 million.Digital rendering courtesy of the Office of President Alexander

Zach GraySports Editor

“Vision 2017”, Lasell’s strategic plan for improvement and renovation of the campus, includes a multi-million dollar athletic cen­ter. Although the plans are not set and the location has yet to be determined, ideas for the new athletic center continue to grow.

Kristy Walter, Lasell’s athletic director, dis­cussed the benefits of a new facility. “We can’t host a NCAA tournament because we don’t match the specifications for the gym,” said Wal­ter. Currently, classrooms and the dance studio are utilized as locker rooms for games. The gym itself contains a small section of wooden bleach­ers, as metal bleachers are brought in to supply more seating.

What Walter hopes to see in the new athletic center would exponentially im­prove athletic events on campus. More seating and larger office space would be upgrades from the current center. New fea­tures would be an athletic training room, rooms for officials, and a fitness center, all part of Walter’s “wish list.”

These improvements, if implemented in the official plans, would not only be an upgrade for the players, but also the specta­tors. Having a larger state-of-the-art facility could potentially increase school pride, re­sulting in larger turnouts for athletic events.

Walter also points out that a new athletic center would leave the old center available as a “field house.” Practice time would be easier to schedule, and intramurals could become larger on campus. Although nothing is officially in place, these ideas and potential plans make the new athletic center highly desired.

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