Women spark interest in joining rugby club 1

Mike Skelton 1851 Staff

As the men’s rugby club continues to grow exponentially, there is now an inter­est in starting a women’s rugby club on campus as well.

During Fall Fest, there was a great amount of interest among female students in starting a rugby club. The female stu­dents have since had two meetings with representatives from the men’s rugby club about starting their own club.

As it currently stands, the women would unite with the men’s rugby club instead of forming a separate club. This would mean both men and women would be a part of the Lasell College Rugby Club, but there would be two separate teams within the club.

“I think this is a great idea and love the fact that [women] are interested in the sport,” said junior Ricky Hawkes, an E-Board member of Lasell College Rugby. “Seeing as our school is around 70 per­cent girls, I think we could put together a pretty nice squad.”

There are roughly 15 “serious” play­ers that are very interested in playing, most of them being freshmen.

While Lasell has varsity athletics, rug­by would remain a club, allowing anyone who is interested to join. While a club sport can still be competitive, it is a little less stressful and time consuming as clubs look to fit around students’ schedules.

Diana Nguyen is a junior and presi­dent of the women’s rugby club at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). She believes the rugby club has been an incredibly positive experience throughout her time in college.

“I was looking through club sports freshman year, tried [rugby] out, and stuck through the entire season. I’ve been play­ing ever since,” says Nguyen. “Rugby pro­vides you with a great social group where you get to be a part of a team on and off the field. It gives you a great opportunity to go outside your comfort zone.”

Standing at 5’3”, Nguyen mentioned being intimidated the first time she stepped on the field. She says if you have any inter­est at all, don’t worry about being nervous because she stuck it through and is con­tinuing to have a great experience.

“Rugby gives me a foundation to come back to for an alumni-leadership po­sition. It’s great being a part of the team culture,” said Nguyen.

While rugby requires at least 15 players, the women’s rugby club is still trying to get more recruits. Learning the rules and the game will all be a part of the experience, as most people start playing rugby in college for the first time. Interested students can contact Lasell College Rugby members Ricky Hawkes or Jake Bell at rhawkes@lasell.edu or jmbell@lasell.edu.

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