“Long.Live.A$AP,” a classic Reply

Miguel Taveras1851 Staff

A$AP Rocky released his mixtape, “Live. Love.A$AP,” in October of 2011. Since then the mixtape has had more than a million downloads. After this huge success with his first project the buzz around A$AP’s first album had fans eager to have a listen. “Love. Live.A$AP” was released on January 15, about a month after the album leaked online.

The album’s first single, “Goldie,” sets the tone for an album filled with A$AP’s unique flow and distinct rhyme scheme. With songs such as “Fashion Killa,” “Problems,” and “Wild For The Night” (Feat. Skrillex), the album fills the need for radio popular tunes.

A$AP did, however, show a different side of himself in this album with lyrics that show us that he is more than just a rapper trying to have a good time. “Suddenly,” is a song that has no beat for more than half the track but rather just shows A$AP’s lyrical talent and emotions that prove he has something meaningful to say.

The most impressive tracks on the album lift A$AP to a new level. “Train,” a song that includes verses from Kendrick Lamar, BIG Krit, and Joey Bada$$ (which A$AP has the best verse in) proves his versatility as an artist and his ability to be able to spit verses with some of the best in the industry. “PMW” showcases his versatility, as it goes from a fast paced rap to a slowed, nearly speaking flow, all in the same verse. Complimented by up and comer Schoolboy Q verse, the song is a definite must listen.

“Long.Live.A$AP” shows us how rap has evolved and where it’s heading in the near future. As long as albums such as this will continue to trend, the rap game is in good hands. A$AP has cemented his claim as one of raps most intriguing and talented newcomers. Rocky will be touring throughout 2013 with his “A$AP mob” and Rihanna. He will be at the TD Garden on March 10.

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