Open mic night hosted by CAB

Kayli Hertel1851 Staff

On Wednesday, February 13, the Campus Activity Board (CAB) hosted Open Mic Night in the Campus Center. Talented students from all over campus came and performed in front of their peers. Students showcased skills through poetry, instrument, and voice.

The show got off to a slow start due to a few glitches with the equipment. “We had technological issues that we overcame in order to put on a good event,” said Kelly Smith, the Vice-President of CAB.

With the issues fixed, the event started off with two poetry readings by Terri Moody. The poems were both of very personal nature, she stated before sharing them with the crowd. Moody, like many creative minds, chose to perform because she had something she wished to express. “I write a lot. I create a lot. Performing was just a way to get some things off my shoulders,” said Moody.

The event continued with some of the students performing using guitars as well as accompanying their instruments with singing. Smith believed that the show went very well in terms of the goal of the event. “The point of open mic is to allow performers to perform in front of an audience,” said Smith.

Madelyn Torres said that it was good to see a mixture of both students simply playing an instrument and singing along with the instrument. “It was really interesting to see my peers be able to perform songs that meant something special to them in front of a crowd.

I thought that it was really brave,” said Torres.

For every event CAB hosts they spend time planning in advance. “Three to four weeks before the event we start asking for performers and display our advertising for the event around campus,” said Smith.

Even with the students who showed up to perform the show itself lacked variety in the acts. Torres said that the overall night seemed very drawn out. “I would have enjoyed it more if individuals were limited to three acts so that more people could participate,” said Torres.

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