Class of ’13 hosts etiquette dinner Reply

Jake Bell & Alex Dixon – Copy Editor & 1851 Staff

On February 12, the Class of 2013 hosted “Excuse Me, is that My Bread Dish?” The business etiquette dinner, in­structed by Jodi R. R. Smith, was held in deWitt Hall from 5:30- 7:30 p.m.

In attendance was Diane Austin, Vice President of Student Affairs, Jenny Grang­er, Director of Student Activities and Orientation, and Carrie Kenniston, Vice Presi­dent of the Class of 2013.

“Social skills are so important be­cause we generalize competence based upon observable behaviors. If you can carry yourself with aplomb during dinner, one presumes you can also easily do so in the workplace,” said Smith.

Smith, the president and owner of Mannersmith, has educated individuals, corporations, and various organizations about approaching etiquette in a profes­sional manner. For 17 years, Smith has led programs in Chicago, California, and Texas for 10-600 people. Molly Mastran­drea, 22, said, “I learned a lot and I had a great time. I was looking forward to this event for months.”

The event consisted of Smith instruct­ing students and faculty on the do’s and don’t’s of business etiquette. Attendees not only learned correct place settings, but also the proper way to eat and con­duct themselves in a professional manner. These methods prepare students for any professional meal.

Smith walked students through the various motions of professional dining. As instructed, students followed Smith’s di­rections on how to properly hold and use utensils, eat specific courses of the meal, and how to indicate you are finished with the course to the wait staff.

“It was a pleasure and an honor to work with the students of Lasell College. Their enthusiasm with their utensil use was matched by their inquisitive and in­sightful questions,” said Smith.

The event was made possible by Su­san Slocum Klingbeil, Sodexo Food Ser­vices, and Class of 1945.

For further information on etiquette training, visit:

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