Lucie Salhany to deliver 2013 commencement address 1

Brandon Chase – Managing Editor

Lucie Salhany, former Chairwoman of Fox Broadcasting, will deliver the com­mencement address to the Class of 2013 when graduation ceremonies take place on Taylor Field Sunday, May 19. Salhany has Boston-area roots. Her husband, John Polcari, is the owner of the world-famous North End-based Regina Pizzeria.

Salhany took over as Chairwoman in 1993. When Fox appointed her, she was the first woman ever to run a major broadcasting network. Salhany’s career in the media spans many decades, includ­ing working at television stations in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, and being named the CEO of United Paramount Net­work (UPN) in 1995.

The relationship between Salhany and Lasell is a close one. She serves on President Alexander’s Advisory Council, was an adjunct faculty member in the Communication department, and her son Jake graduated from the college last year. She also taught the Entertainment Media course during her tenure at Lasell.

“I think it’s going to be about career development,” said President Michael Al­exander of her impending speech. “She’s the person who ‘made it.’ She knows a lot about the college and I think she would have a lot to say to the parents [as well].”

Salhany and President Alexander have good rapport, as they served together on the Board of Directors for the USA Network.

The selection process for the com­mencement speaker is the job of the college’s Senior Management Team. Al­exander said there was a list of about 15 potential speakers, but “the team seemed to coalesce around Lucie.”

This selection comes after the two pre­vious speakers, U.S. Senator Scott Brown and U.S. Representative Barney Frank, were politicians. Frank’s address to the Class of 2012 was known for being more of a partisan rant than words of wisdom.

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