Mock trial team earns first win

Jake Bell – Copy Editor

On the weekend of February 1, Lasell’s Mock Trial Team traveled to Manchester, New Hampshire to St. Anselm’s College to com­pete in the American Mock Trial Association’s (A.M.T.A) regional tournament.

Although Lasell finished with an official record of two and six, the unofficial coach, Pro­fessor Steven Rosenthal, and team competitors felt as though they walked away with more than their record showed.

Facing competitors involved in this tourna­ment much longer than Lasell, such as Boston University, University of New Hampshire, Brandeis University, and UMass Amherst, was a challenge for the Lasell team. “We held our own,” Rosenthal said, “and we got our first victory.”

During a mock trial, aspects can change dra­matically based on witness testimony and varia­tions of witness cooperation during cross-exami­nation. Rosenthal said, “They [Lasell] are too nice. Trial lawyers can be assertive without being mean or obnoxious, almost controlling the witness.”

Despite the degree of difficulty Lasell faced in this competition, Rosenthal said, “They have worked hard and they think on their feet. Trials can be unexpected with objections and the lawyers have to be prepared for anything. We got better with each trial we presented.”

Senior Frankie Leone, a mock trial member for two years, said, “After the trials we felt more confident about our performance than we did in previous years. It’s a lot of work but it’s worth it. Competing with bigger, more experienced schools and beating others is huge for us.”

Seniors graduating this year share the same sentiments as Rosenthal: Lasell can improve through practice and scrimmages against other schools in order to prepare for the A.M.T.A regional tournament next year.

“I’m proud of all of them,” Rosenthal said, “I’m happy for the seniors, they will be missed. I’m excited for the returners to see how we can move forward developing a new trial.”

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