MSU celebrated Black History Month Reply

Danielle Rita – 1851 Staff

Lasell’s Multicultural Student Union club (MSU) honored Black History Month by devis­ing an interactive panel to discuss the signifi­cance of black history along with contempo­rary racial concerns. The panel was held on February 7 in Rosen Auditorium, and partici­pants included a small, diverse group. Jennifer Drew, professor of Sociology and Justice Stud­ies, moderated the event.

“MSU is a place where students from different cultures and backgrounds come together and share their ideas and thoughts. We speak on different topics and hold several panels and events throughout the school to unite students of all kinds,” said Tiara Amarante, MSU Treasurer.

During the panel, students ques­tioned the essence of Black History Month and its origin. Drew asked students wheth­er it is right to celebrate African American history only one month out of the year, and expressed her hopes and concerns that one day it will be implemented into the regular history curriculum.

“Having an open discussion about Black History Month is really as important as Black History Month itself,” Drew said.

Senior Winsky Norceide agreed that many people feel empowered by the an­nual celebration. He also introduced the theory that this tradition was initiated as a government tactic to reduce riots. “Black history was implemented for damage con­trol,” said Norceide.

Other participants trust the tradi­tion was only implemented as a symbol of apology from our country for allow­ing racism and inequality to dominate the United States for so many years.

Amarante argued celebrating African American history once a month does not suf­fice, and expressed her disappointment in the tradition being held during a short month.

“I celebrate black history almost every day. Many of the inventions black people have created in the past affect my daily life, and for that I am appreciative. However, I still think we should celebrate black his­tory every day. I do appreciate us having a month, but it being the shortest month of the year is disappointing,” said Amarante.

Jazmine Jackson, President of MSU, agreed that honoring black history month alone isn’t satisfying. She believes all cultures and races should be recognized on a daily basis.

“We should be celebrated every day. Everyone should be celebrated every day,” said Jackson.

Drew planned to continue celebrating this tradition by hosting an off-campus event on Feb. 10 at Roxbury’s UU Urban Ministry for spoken music. The event was to entail cultural music and food, but due to Blizzard Nemo the event was canceled.

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