Tapingo app saves time 1

Zachary Gray – Sports Editor

Part of being a college student is the weekends and late nights with homework, friends, and, most importantly, food. While there might not be a definite schedule for the nights and weekends, wasting time is not an option. This is especially true when it comes to hunger. Thankfully, the Campus Center and Boomer’s now al­low students to order their food ahead of time, avoiding lines and waits.

Tapingo (pronounced tap-N-go) is the newest way to order food from the late night options provided by Lasell. Launched in January of 2012 in San Fran­cisco, Tapingo provides college students a way to place orders via smart phone.

Signing up for Tapingo requires an email address, phone number, campus, and payment method. What makes Tapingo truly stand out is the ability to use a Torch Card as payment for meals. Furthermore, payments can be protected with a four-digit password prior to finalizing the order. Credit card use is an available option as well.

Navigating through the phone app is a breeze, as options are clearly labeled with large font. The food options are sepa­rated into categories, such as combo meals, sides, sandwiches, desserts, and beverages. Foods featuring condiments and toppings, such as wraps, have several drop menus with options to customize the meal.

The given estimated wait time is five minutes, but this can vary due to the number of staff working or previous orders placed.

The majority of my orders through Tapingo have been to the Campus Center, simply because I don’t feel like walking from North Hall to Boomers. Picking up orders are easy; present the app’s order number and/or receipt to those working and your meal is ready.

A couple small flaws using the Tap­ingo app deal with toppings. Lettuce and tomatoes can be removed from your or­der, but they can’t be added. Also, options can be selected even when out of stock. For example, bacon can be selected even if Boomer’s is out of it. Thankfully, the La­sell staff is nice enough to ask if you’d like to replace the option with something else.

The advantages of using Tapingo are simple: less waiting and more convenience. When tasks build up and time becomes limited, waiting to eat isn’t an option.

Tapingo is available at no charge for iPhone and Android devices in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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