The 1851 Chronicle is a voice for the student body Reply


Kristina Kaufmann – Photo Editor

The last thing a student journal­ist wants to do when voicing an opinion is sugarcoat it. It is the job of The 1851 Chronicle staff to deliver news to the student body truthfully, while practicing objectivity. As Lasell’s student newspa­per, The 1851 Chronicle uses the power of student voices to provoke change and improvements at the college. Sometimes what we write praises a person or event on campus. Other times it is critical of a current situation.

The Chronicle staff is not only com­prised of Journalism majors. We represent a variety of disciplines such as History, Sports Communication, Graphic Design, Advertising, and Public Relations.

Our mission is to inform the Lasell community, objectively and factually, on current events of public concern. As the sole source of news on campus, we take pride in our reporting, in covering cam­pus events, and always in voicing the opinion of the community.

Whether the Opinion & Editorial page sways critically or positively, the students, faculty, and administration should consider these pages as motivation to progress. It is not the mission of the newspaper to only report criticism, but then again it is also not to only report positives. By exercising bal­ance, students involved in producing The 1851 Chronicle learn journalism skills while providing a service to the community.

We encourage students who are not on our staff to join as a contributing writer if they feel the need to express con­cerns or praise. The 1851 Chronicle has the ability to provoke change and will do so by reporting the truth and by bringing issues into the light that the students feel need to be addressed.

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