Editor’s Corner: Taking a chance 1

Zac Vierra – Co-Editor-in-Chief

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the game of baseball. In the batting order of most important things in my life, family would be in the leadoff spot, friends in the two hole, and baseball would be batting third just ahead of cats in the cleanup spot (I said it, I like cats, specifically my cat Pesky who is named after Red Sox legend Johnny Pesky).

You could lock me in a room and force me to watch baseball for the rest of time and I would consider it a paradise. I love baseball so much, I have gone to multiple games at Fenway alone because who needs friends when you have a scorebook?

I’m lucky because I found my passion when I was about seven years old. I always knew I wanted to make a career in the field of baseball and when I got cut from my high school JV team I knew I wasn’t making it with my athletic ability (I was what they called a 0.5 tool player).

So I started writing and found passion. Writing plus baseball equals dream career. I told myself I’m going to do this with my life and I am going to love doing it, I don’t care if I have to do it for free. And that’s what I did, interning for zero dollars for two summers while writing for the Bourne Braves of the Cape Cod Baseball League, and I loved every minute of it.

Last December I decided it was time to find something new I loved that might pay the bills. So I went to Nashville for the baseball winter meetings and applied a bunch of jobs/ internships in Minor League Baseball. I had four interviews. I got one offer. In Montana.

The Helena Brewers (Rookie League team for the Milwaukee Brewers) offered me a position as their Media Relations intern for the season. I have never been to Montana. For all I know people still ride their horses around town and communicate via telegraph.

But sometimes you have to take a chance. I took the position and the day after graduation I’m heading three quarters across the country to a “city” with a population smaller than the capacity of Fenway.

I didn’t do it because of the money (I’m getting paid monthly less than what most people make in a week). I did it because I love going to the ballpark and because this is the first step on my path to the big leagues. I figured at the age of 22, now is the time to go after your dreams. Even if I have to survive off of pasta and ramen for three months.

It’s not easy taking a risk. I’m nervous about it but I’m also excited for the adventure of a lifetime.

And it’s funny how things work. Turns out one of my best friends just got an internship working for a lodge out in Montana. It’s four hours away from me but that’s practically the next town over in that gigantic state.

Recently I ran into an old family friend who I hadn’t seen in years. When I told her about my gig in Helena she said, “You have always dreamed of doing something like this.”

I thought about it and it was true. Just living the dream. Only because I took a chance.

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