Hope for Humanity feeds homeless despite snowstorm Reply


Photo by Kelsy Chandler

Mary Pavlu – Features Editor

While most students on campus spent Sunday, February 24 in the comfort of their bedrooms due to a snowstorm, Hope for Humanity spent the day feeding the homeless on the streets of Boston. Club members spent Saturday night making 55 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to hand out to the homeless, despite the inclement weather.

“We figured the more snow, the more these people would need a sandwich,” said Hope for Humanity President Kelsy Chandler. “We get to go back to our warm bedrooms after being out in the cold – they don’t.”

Chandler, a sophomore, got the idea from working with a group in high school who also fed the homeless. She presented the idea to Hope for Humanity, and immediately started planning.

“The experience stuck with me,” she said of her previous experience helping the homeless. “I thought it was a great way to make a difference and immediately see results.”

The group received positive results from the start of their mission. They took the T from Lasell to Park Street, where they instantly spotted two women asking passersby for change.

“We told them that we had no money to offer but that we did have homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from Lasell College,” Chandler said. “Their faces lit up and they said, ‘This is what we really need in the cold, we love you people. Go see our friends a few blocks down.’”

The group gave them both two sandwiches and continued on their journey, but Chandler said the experience set the positive tone for the trip. Despite their optimistic attitudes, the students eventually began having difficulty finding people in need. After walking the Boston Common, they sought advice from churches and food shelters on what locations to visit. According to the food shelter employees, much of the homeless community took to warmer places to congregate due to the freezing conditions.

The group trekked on, but eventually ended their journey in Quincy Market, where they donated the remainder of sandwiches to a nearby church. Although Hope for Humanity wasn’t able to reach all of the homeless community, Chandler believes they made a difference.

“So often people steer clear of an individual who is homeless and asking for money,” she said. “I think it’s important to interact with them like you would with anyone else in the Boston community. Seeing a college student having a conversation with someone in the homeless community might encourage a passerby to reach out as well.”

Chandler requests that anyone interested in the club contacts her at kchandler@lasell.edu, or look out for their tie-dye station on Earth Day, Monday, April 22 in the East/West quad.

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