Weekly classes are feasible, but challenging Reply

Ashlyn Curley – 1851 Staff

Breaking away from the traditional every-other-day class schedule, Lasell offers several weekly classes. Although meeting once a week can be a convenient way for students to fit more classes in one semester, it also has its burdens.

The problem with once a week classes is they meet for two-and-a-half hours. A class that starts at 5:30 p.m. doesn’t let out until 8 p.m. While some professors offer breaks in between, there are many who don’t. It’s difficult for anyone to pay attention to a lecture for that long, especially in a technology-based age where young people have short attention spans.

The two-and-a-half hour session could work if the class is interactive. For example, in Intro to Video Production, students meet once a week, but are always working with cameras and learning how to film. However, when it comes to rigorous lectures, such as Communication Law, it’s easier to let the mind wander, and students don’t learn what they should.

A two-and-a-half hour lecture is information overload. It’s hard to retain all the material for the next week. Even when you take notes, do you remember every topic discussed in class? When classes meet two or three times per week, it is easier to retain the information taught, because most likely, it’s brought up again a few days later.

This is not to talk anyone out of taking once a week classes during their time here. Some courses are only offered once a week, and no one should refrain from taking a course because of what time it’s offered. Sometimes it’s easier to have a few once-a-week classes to fit in other courses, work, or an internship.

Professors get the chance to teach and discuss topics that may not be covered in 50 minutes. In this case, students are getting the most out of the course. However, maintaining a relationship with someone you only see once a week may be challenging.

Weekly classes can work if students stay organized. Keep in mind that you can’t miss class, because missing a once a week class is equivalent to missing a week of class—that’s a lot of missed lectures and work. If you have several classes meeting once a week, make the most of them. Make the effort to get to know your professor and classmates. Review your notes every day so you remember what was discussed in class. Make appointments with your professors to discuss the material.

Lasell is about Connected Learning and having professional relationships with the staff. Although weekly classes bring challenges, don’t let these challenges interfere with the connected learning experience.

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