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Zac VierraCo-Editor-in-Chief

Hello loyal readers of The 1851 Chronicle. Some of you may know me as Zac or Veast or that guy that is co-editor of the Chronicle. Today I am debuting the Laser Show Blog here on

What is the Laser Show Blog you ask? I decided since I am roughly a month away from graduating and have about a million things to do I should add one more thing to help me procrastinate from all of the school work. Makes sense right?

This blog is going to a place for me to talk about a variety of different topics ranging from sports to stress of graduating. Basically since it’s my blog I’m going to touch on whatever I feel like but of course I will always relate it back to Lasell. The hope is that this blog will be a success and when I pass the torch (get it?) of my editor position it will continue in some shape or form.

If you are wondering why the name Laser Show for the blog that is because of a great quote from one of my favorite Red Sox players, Dustin Pedroia. If you aren’t familiar hear you go:

Since we are the Lasers here I figured this is a perfect way to combine a couple of awesome things.

For this debut post I’m going to tell you guys a little about myself so hopefully people find me interesting and want to hear what I have to say about the world around us.

Here we go:

Five things you might not know about me

  1. I was born on Christmas Day – Try sharing a birthday with Jesus Christ, Ricky Henderson, and Jimmy Buffet among others. Talk about huge shoes to fill.
  2. I am an only child – I swear I’m not spoiled.
  3. I was born and raised in Sandwich, MA – Yes that is a real town. No our mascot was not the Ham and Cheese.
  4. As a young child I didn’t like ice cream – I still don’t know what was going on here. Luckily things changed for the better. Fun fact I will choose vanilla over chocolate probably 99 times out of 100. Nothing better than good vanilla ice cream.
  5. People call me Veast – It’s a combination of my last name, Vierra, and Beast. It started in high school and has stuck through college. I think that is the sign of a good nickname.

Five things I like

  1. Superbad– My favorite movie of all-time. I swear it is a biography of my friends and I in high school. People don’t forget.
  2. The Titanic – Always had a thing for that ship. I had about 15 different books about it as a kid and Titanic was the first PG-13 movie I ever saw.
  3. Cats – Not afraid to admit it, I’m a cat guy. Nothing against dogs I just like cats better. Meow.
  4. My mom – I’m a momma’s boy for sure, but my mom is probably the coolest person I know so I’m not ashamed.
  5. Trey Songz – The guy has the voice of an angel. I could listen to him all day. Some other favorite artists include Kanye, J. Cole, and James Taylor.

 Five things I don’t like

  1. Olives – Might be my least favorite food in the world. Just plain gross. At family dinners I’m that guy that picks his olives out of his salad.
  2. Snow – This winter did it for me. I’m over it. Once it took my four hours to shovel out my car I was ready to move somewhere warm forever.
  3. People that sue – If you spilt coffee on yourself its your fault. Nobody owes you money for this. Nothing annoys me more.
  4. Pennies – Just a waste of my time. I have no use for one cent. Shouldn’t exist any more.
  5. Parking tickets – Can there be a worse way to start your day than getting to your car and seeing you have a ticket? Always means it’s going to be a bad day.

Hopefully you learned a little bit about me. I like to think I’m a fun guy. I’m going to try to post regularly so keep an eye out for updates.

Finally I’m going to end each post with a random song that comes up on shuffle on my iPod because I have the most random stuff ever. Who knows what will appear.

Today’s song:

One Night – Yung Berg Feat. Trey Songz

I think I have every song in which Trey Songz is featured which explains why I have a Yung Berg song in my library of music.





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