Laser Show Blog: Some people to keep an eye out for on Marathon Monday Reply

Zac VierraCo-Editor-in-Chief 

It’s here Lasers, Marathon Monday, the day Lasell students dream of all year. Although most students will be embarking on their own personal marathons consisting of adult beverages, thousands of people have decided that running 26.2 miles is a good idea. Here is a list of some people to keep an eye out for while watching the runners take the turn from Route 16 to Comm Ave.

Eric Alexander – He didn’t have a memorable career but Alexander played for the Patriots from 2004-2009. He is running the marathon to raise money for the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation so props to him for doing that. Hopefully he is better at running marathons than playing football.

Gabriel Gomez – Gomez is running (no pun intended) for the Massachusetts senate position and also found time in his busy schedule to train for the marathon which is pretty impressive. In a completely unrelated politics note, I would love to see Mayor Menino try to pronounce the name of the men’s and women’s winners of the marathon. I would say about a zero percent chance he would get them right.

Joey McIntyre – When Mark Wahlberg quit New Kids on the Block he was replaced by McIntrye. He hasn’t had quite the career of Marky Mark but we will give him a pass since he’s running to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Summer Sanders – Yes the host of the Nickelodeon classic, Figure it Out. Personally I would rather see Lori Beth Denberg and Danny Tamberelli running the marathon but I guess this will do. Also how awesome would it be if this happened the second she crossed the finish line:

Greg Meyer & Joan Benoit Samuelson – They both won the marathon back in 1983 and are still out there on that running grind. I would love to see if they still have it.

Wesley Korir – You are going to have to get out there early if you want to see him. Korir won the marathon last year and according to my expert opinion this means he should have a pretty good shot this year.

Gebregziabher Gebremariam – This guy came in third in 2011 and won the New York Marathon in 2010. Probably the best name in the entire marathon.

Neil Hatem – For the second straight year Professor Hatem will be running the marathon. This year he is rocking a Larry Bird Celtics jersey and Lasell shorts, so basically he is the man. Look for bib number 23563.

Chris Johnson – No not the Chris Johnson that plays running back for the Titans. He is a Lasell alum who is the strength and conditioning coordinator at Lasell. He will be rocking bib number 1487. I’m guessing the lower the number the better you are at running so expect Johnson to be running by Lasell somewhat early. Or I could totally be making that up.

Jeff Martin – Martin is an assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Lasell and will be wearing bib number 25008.

Samantha Hastler – Hasler is an Associate Director and Transfer Coordinator in the Office of Undergrad Admission at Lasell.  She will have bib number 22096.

Dan Campagna -Campagna used to teach at Lasell and he is the nephew of the greatest professor ever, Marie C. Franklin. He will be wearing bib number 12542. Also if you have the Marathon tracker app (which can be downloaded here: it says Campagna is a 53-year-old named Rosaura Tennant  but don’t worry he is replacing her since she is injured.

Everyone have a fun day but be safe at the same time. As much as we love posting the crime log we don’t want it to be filled with entries from Monday April 15th.

Here is today’s random song of the day.

Dreams – Van Halen

This song always gets me pretty pumped up. Although definitely doesn’t motivate me enough to attempt to run 26.2 miles.


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