Laser show blog: Fenway’s perfect day Reply


Zac VierraCo-Editor-in-Chief

I’ve always wanted to witness a perfect game in person. It is one of the rarest feats in baseball. So far I’ve had no luck. But today I witnessed something better: a perfect day at the ballpark.

This has officially been the longest week in the history of time. I think everyone that lives in the Boston area feels the same way. And to think it hasn’t even been a week since the bombings. Like everyone else I felt the biggest sigh of relief when I heard that Suspect #2 was captured alive last night. Finally it felt safe again.

Before I went to bed I knew I had to be at today’s Sox game. I just knew it was going to be a special day at the ballpark. For me there was no better way to start the path to normalcy in Boston than going to my favorite place in the city: Fenway. So I bought a single ticket.

I couldn’t be more happy with my decision. It might have been the most memorable game I have ever been to.

The day started with this slideshow that legit made my cry a little bit.

Then we sang the national anthem together (check me out at 0:15 of this video

To top it all off Big Papi dropped an F-bomb that was heard on live TV and might have had the biggest cheers of the day.

And that was all before the game.

Clay Buchholz faced off against James Shields in a classic pitcher’s duel. Through the first seven and a half innings the Sox found themselves down by a run.

Then the spark arrived. Neil Diamond came to sing “Sweet Caroline.” It what was the most awkward singing on top of yourself moment I have ever seen, Neil brought the house down and soon the Sox followed suit.

With two outs in the eighth Daniel Nava blasted a three run shot to right a homer that ultimately won the game. The place went bananas. I high-fived total strangers and screamed until I lost my voice.  After the week that the city of Boston went through it was a storybook ending.

But this wasn’t just about baseball. It was about feeling normal again. After watching what felt like a real life episode of 24 I was drained. I can only imagine how those police officers felt who were working around the clock in Watertown. Now it’s over. Sure there are threats out there but I know I can go to sleep feeling safe. This city will always have your back.

The best part of the day was walking out of the Kenmore T station before the game. Just yesterday the place was a ghost town. Today Kenmore Square was packed with people having a good time. It was a typical afternoon in Boston and that was beautiful.

Today’s random song of the day isn’t so random:

Dirty Water – The Standells

Boston you’re my home.

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