Lasell Villager Carolyn Eastman goes to Cambodia for community service trip Reply

Morgan Brittney Austin1851 Staff

The term “community service” used to have negative connotations. Now people of all ages come together to give back, whether it is within their own community, or to help people in need elsewhere in the world. From January 13 to 31, Lasell Villager Carolyn Eastman, volunteered her services to help children at The Sharing Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Cambodia.

A friend of Eastman’s, Nancy Hendrie, founded The Sharing Foundation, which is dedicated to providing Cambodian children with clean water, medical care, school uniforms, and education. Upon hearing about Hendrie’s trip to the Sharing Foundation in January, Eastman decided she wanted to meet Chan Piseth, a 12-year-old who she and a few friends from college have been sponsoring since he came to the orphanage as an infant.

During the last two weeks of January, Eastman helped the school. They organized events such as birthday parties, a water park trip, and making uniforms for the children.

At the school, the children learn basic reading and writing skills in their native language, Khamer, as well as English. The older children focus on going to college and future careers.

“Going to school is a treat for them,” said Eastman. “They are always so eager to learn.”

Eastman described the trip to The Sharing Foundation and meeting Piseth as an “amazing experience.” “I realized how much of a difference one person can make by just trying to do something to help some- one else,” said Eastman.

Given the opportunity, Eastman said she would love to do another community service trip. “If you really want to do something, you can make it happen. It’s amazing to be able to change someone’s life,” she said.

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