Lasell’s annual blood drive a success Reply

Lasell’s annual spring blood drive, held on April 4, collected 52 units of blood, the highest record of a blood drive ever held at the college. A raffle was held after the donations including prizes from Jillian’s of Boston, Solar Tune Tanning, and J.P. Licks. Photos By Kristina Kaufmann

Michelle BurkeCopy Editor 

On April 4, the Center for Community Based Learning (CCBL) and the American Red Cross hosted their annual blood drive in deWitt Hall. This was senior Danielle Monastiero’s third semester organizing the drive as head of the plan- ning board for the event.

This month’s drive collected 52 units of blood, “The highest record ever for the Lasell community,” said Monastiero. The Fall 2012 semester received 68 donors and 43 units of blood.

Last semester, President Michael Alexander gave double red blood cells, and gave a unit of blood this April.

“I have been giving blood regularly for decades. It seems such a small thing to do,” said Alexander. “Giving a little time and blood, which my body quickly replaces, can help save a life. Not everyone can give blood; but if you can, you should.”

Many of Lasell’s participants donated for personal reasons while being comforted throughout the process by Red Cross nurse, Noelle. Freshman Colbylyn Gilman was donating blood for her first time. As she sat on the table with a needle inserted in her arm, she said she was scared at first but this was something she always wanted to do.

“I have low iron in my blood, so I could never donate before,” said Gilman. “I worked hard this year to increase my iron intake by eating more green vegetables. This was difficult to do [because I am a vegetarian], but now I can finally donate.”

Gilman donated for her friend in high school who died of leukemia. “He needed many blood transfusions,” said Gilman. “I want to donate to help save the lives’ of others who need it.”

Michael Miranda, a repeat donor, gives blood to help his family. “My cousin has Leukemia and needs a lot of blood transfusions,” said Miranda. “My other cousin is anemic, and can’t donate blood herself. I donate to help all of them.” Miranda donates twice a year to help those close to him.

A raffle was held after the donations as an incentive and a “thank-you” for the donors. All prizes were donated by local businesses, including Jillian’s of Boston, Solar Tune Tanning, and J.P. Licks. Additionally, the Red Cross gave out a free pair of New Balance socks as a part of their traditional promotion for donors.

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