Shannon Pasco assists in planning the Academic Symposium Reply

Shannon Pasco (far left) has been helping to plan the spring Connected Learning Sympo- sium. She also assisted with the fall symposium. Photo Courtesy of Shannon Pasco

Shannon Pasco (far left) has been helping to plan the spring Connected Learning Symposium. She also assisted with the fall symposium. Photo Courtesy of Shannon Pasco.

Kaitlyn Quinn1851 Staff

For Lasell College sophomore Shannon Pasco, the 2013 Spring Semester Connected Learning Symposium has become her world. The hardworking hospitality and event management major is taking on a large task of helping to plan the symposium. Pasco is excited for the symposium day and to see her work in action and come to life. 

Pasco’s career goal is to become the Event Planner at Fenway Park. Last year, Lasell College Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Event Management Melissa Van Hyfte took her class on a field trip to Fenway Park to meet with the Event Planner. This trip sparked the idea in Pasco’s head for this career path.

A member of the Honors Program at Lasell, Pasco is required to complete a component every year. Last year’s component focused on the concept of sport event management, such as being the event planner at Fenway Park. Pasco is studying a minor in Sports Communication, which has taught her how much she loves the sports facilities environment.

“Sports facilities are a really unique venue for things such as weddings and charity events. I think it would be a perfect fit for me, so I guess that is my ultimate hospitality goal,” said Pasco.

The Connected Learning Symposium is a large presentation, located in the Winslow Academic Center, mainly in deWitt Hall. This happens at the end of each semester, displaying all of the different classes and programs around Lasell.

Planning the symposium includes multiple tasks. “Proposals are sent out to faculty members in the beginning of each semester… As the proposals are coming in I add them to a master spreadsheet… After all proposals are in I start figuring out which rooms in Winslow will be used… I then place presentations with rooms and time slots,” said Pasco.

This may seem like a lot of advanced planning work, but this is Pasco’s second time organizing this event. Her first was this past fall. This job gives her more experience in the planning field.

The trickiest part of planning the Con- nected Learning Symposium, according to Pasco, would be creating the master spreadsheet for the event itself. “After that has been approved, I go on to create the booklet that is sent out to all of the Lasell Community… I am in meetings with Sodexo preparing the catering menu… attend several meetings with the Vice President of Academic Affairs… have meetings with several different professors on campus in an effort to bring everything together and have a great Connected Learning Symposium.”

Although Pasco appears to be drowning in symposium waters, she finds time to also join the Hospitality Club on campus, which plans events, connects students to networking opportunities, and other experiences in the field.

So how did Pasco get involved in the symposium planning process to begin with? At the end of her freshman year at Lasell, Van Hyfte approached Pasco with the idea of her becoming the new assistant to the hospitality and event manage- ment professor. Her current assistant was graduating in May and the spot needed to be filled, and Van Hyfte saw Pasco as that missing piece. Van Hyfte asked Pasco to fill the spot and Pasco, “learned a lot from the previous assistant in her final weeks on the job, and then this year I began the process myself.”


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