Students show creativity with Marathon Monday shirts Reply

Elizabeth Haela1851 Staff

Marathon Monday is a day of celebration and excitement at Lasell College. Prior to this occasion, students take it upon themselves to design and produce shirts for their peers to wear and relish their memories of college.

This year at least three shirt designs were created and sold. Students Ashley Tarby, Natalie Sherwood, Jean Breval, and Ricky Hawkes were competing for designs and prices.

Although an annual tradition, it was the student population who requested their peers make the shirts, not the individuals themselves. Neither Breval nor Hawkes were planning on making shirts this year; their friends convinced them to do so.

Hawkes, a junior, said, “I saw people selling them last year and thought ‘I could make a better design myself.’ I sold about 60 shirts last year and people liked it. This year, people asked me, ‘Are you going to make them again?’ The fact that people were requesting them made me feel good. I [felt] that I was giving back to the students in a non-traditional way.”

The students were not only interested in marketing to the campus, but also eager to engage in the creative process.

“I was looking for designs that inspired me. I got people’s opinions on colors and sayings and advertised it. In four days I was able to get people to order 40 shirts,” said Breval, a senior.

Breval’s Marathon Monday shirts include a superhero on the front and a slogan on the back, which says, “ONLY THE STRONG WILL SURVIVE.” He explained his choice for this mantra is derived from the Boston Marathon as well as his memories from last year’s Marathon Monday.

Seniors Tarby and Sherwood also incorporated themes from the Marathon into their own designs. “We wanted a design people would think was funny,” said Tarby. The front of the shirt includes the year 2013 to represent a runner’s number. The back says, “If lost or found passed out please call…” and is followed by the space for a contact number.

Students have made a considerable amount of money out of their enterprises. Breval, who is selling his shirts for $20 each, ensures that all of the profits made from the shirts will go to charity. “The money will be donated to Relay for Life. I don’t want or need the money for myself. I just wanted to create something people could enjoy,” said Breval.

By choosing to donate his revenue to an on campus nonprofit, Breval is exemplifying the strong sense of community embodying Lasell. Marathon Monday is one of the most communal days of the school year.

“Everybody is smiling, blasting music, playing games and dancing. Everyone has fun before the school year is over. The school turns into one big community,” said Breval.

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