Fashion show raises money for Birthday Wishes Reply

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Photos by Natalie Kfoury

Casey O’Brien – News Editor

On April 2, the two sections of Fashion Promotion at Lasell put on a fashion show in deWitt Hall to benefit the Birthday Wishes Organization. Professor Anne Vallely’s promotion classes put on the show as a project to learn the basics of the workings of a fashion show. The classes are preparing for the Senior Fashion Show at the end of the year.

The students in the promotion classes learn how to manage a show, design a set, sell tickets, cast models, and commentate on a show; experience, Vallely says, is extremely beneficial. “[The] promotion class did an impressive job from the technical aspect of production. I was very proud [of ] the class teamwork.”

The retail sponsors featured in the show were alumni, undergraduate students, as well as companies some Lasell students intern with, which keeps with the Connected Learning philosophy. Sponsors included Bebe, Francesca’s, senior Lindsay Tia’s Designs, Urban Outfitters, Zia, Revolve, and Rufus. The show featured women’s designs, as well as menswear, and were showed by student models.

“[The] show was a great success based on audience comments,” Vallely said. Birthday Wishes is an organization which provides birthday parties for homeless children, hosting thousands of parties in more than 175 shelters and transitional living facilities in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Long Island.

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