Gym goer’s woes Reply

Jake Bell – Copy Editor

Students have their preferences when it comes to exercising; some lift to get big, while others run to slim down. What is universal for Lasell students is the facilities they use to reach their exercise goals. Some students prefer one gym to the other, not necessarily because of their exercise preferences, but because of the gym’s quality.

The gym at the Edwards Student Center is older than the gym at McClelland Hall, however, should that affect the quality of the equipment? Doing wide grip pull-ups at Edwards sometimes feels like I’m one or two reps away from snapping the main support beam in half. The McClelland gym, although small, is much better equipped with machines of higher quality and with less wear and tear on them. Running on a treadmill is normal at McClelland, but having the belts skip under your feet at Edwards makes your heart skip a beat along with it. This seems to fall under the dangerous category as far as gym safety goes.

Students would be better served to have the newer and older equipment shared between the two gyms. This would eliminate the over-crowding at times in McClelland, and could give more options for students using the Edwards gym in regard to cardio equipment and machines they aren’t afraid of breaking.

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